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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

The Benefits of Having a Breast Reduction

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Women who have more than ample breast size are more often than not plagued by back and shoulder pain caused by their breasts once they reach middle age. Over time, gravity plays enough havoc with a woman’s body and years of those muscles having to support that excess weight on their frame takes its toll. The only way to alleviate the pain is to have breast reduction surgery.

Tired of chronic neck, shoulder or back pain? It may be time to eliminate some of that strain with a breast reduction by Dr. Carter, an expert in reshaping to enhance a woman’s natural beauty.

Who makes a Good Candidate?

Any woman who has come to realize that her large breasts are the reason for her chronic neck, back and shoulder pain is an excellent candidate for a breast reduction. Other than that, any woman who is in excellent physical health, and has healthy and realistic goals for her physical appearance is a candidate. Of course, as with all cosmetic surgery, you should also not be under a doctor’s treatment for any medical condition that may interfere with your healing, like a compromised immune system.

If you are a teenager with overly large breasts, it may be wiser to listen to the cosmetic surgeon, and wait until your breasts have fully developed. In some women, this may not happen until you have left your teenage years behind you. By waiting, you can be assured that the surgeon will be able to reduce the size and give you an appropriate and pleasing shape that fits your overall form.

What can I Expect from the Operation?

This surgery is designed to reduce and reshape the breasts so that they are more proportionate to the woman’s body. You will find that in addition to alleviating the neck, back, and shoulder pain that you have experiencing, reducing the size of your breasts will also create an alluring balance to your overall shape. Most women who have had this surgery are pleased with how it brings out the body’s natural curves.

What is the Recovery Time from this Kind of Operation?

The overall recovery time for patients who have breast reduction surgery depends on how healthy you were before the operation was done. You will be given instructions by the surgeon on how to care for yourself after the operation, and it is possible to return to your normal daily activities while you are healing, as long as you stay away from strenuous physical sports and exercises. You can help your recovery along by eating healthy, quit smoking, and by getting plenty of rest. You should be fully healed within 14 days, or less.

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