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Breast Lift

Breast Lift

Defeat Time and Gravity with a Breast Lift


One inescapable fact of nature is that time and gravity take a horrendous toll on a woman’s body. The skin starts to lose its natural elasticity and everything begins to sag. Some of the popular procedures that many women elect to undergo in order to turn back the clock are face lifts, tummy tucks and breast lifts.

Are your breasts starting to sag? Call Dr. Carter to set up your first appointment to discuss a breast lift.

What Happens During the Procedure?

What happens during a breast lift is up to both you the plastic surgeon. There are actually several different types of methods used during this procedure and which one is right for you should be determined during your pre-surgery consultations. This procedure can be performed just by adding breast implants alone or a combination utilizing implants and cosmetic surgery techniques to restore your breasts to their most pleasing and perky status.

Also known as a Mastopexy, breast surgery performed to even out, lift or restructure a woman’s breasts can utilize several distinct methods. Some methods involve just removing a portion of the outer area and the tissue beneath to move features such as the nipples to a higher position, as well as several lifting techniques that include using breast implants to reposition and reshape the breasts so that they are firmer, more even and not sagging any longer.

Implants or Not?

There are three main conditions that a woman’s breasts can suffer from that will warrant this operation. While a lay person would typically refer to all three conditions as sagging breasts, to a plastic surgeon, they take three distinct forms: ptosis, empty sac syndrome and pseudoptosis.

While empty sac and pseudoptosis can be corrected with a simple breast implant surgery, ptosis indicates that the breasts have dropped, the skin is stretching out and nothing is where it should be. This is the one condition that will warrant a lifting procedure is done.

What you can expect during your Recovery

Your body will take time to heal; after all, this can be a major invasive surgery. The majority of patients can return to their normal work and life activities within fourteen days after the surgery, as long as they take the appropriate precautions. You can help hasten your healing by eating a healthy diet, not smoking, keeping strenuous activities out of your routine until healed, and by getting plenty of rest.

The total amount of time it will take you to heal is dependent upon how much work was done during your breast lift. The simple insertion of breast implants will take far less time to heal than a complete lift and repositioning of the breasts. Care must be taken so that the skin is kept clean and moisturized, and you must keep your breasts bandaged and supported.

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