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Breast Implants

Breast Implants

Everything You Need To Know About Breast Implants

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One of the quickest ways to boost a woman’s self-esteem is to improve on her appearance and one area that women are most critical of are their breasts. This is why getting breast implants becomes the dream goal of so many women everywhere who have faith that bigger is truly better.

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The first step to achieving that dream is to have a consultation with the plastic surgeon. This will help you assess whether or not you are a viable candidate for this cosmetic surgery and if you are, what type of implants might be the right choice for you and what implant size would be best.

Who is a Candidate for Breast Implants?

Generally, any woman is a candidate for breast augmentation surgery. As long as you are in reasonably good health, not under any other medical treatment for any condition that might interfere with the healing process and have reasonable expectations about what this surgery will do for your appearance, you are a good candidate for a breast augmentation.

Implant Types

For use in cosmetic surgery, there are basically two types of implants that are commonly used: silicone and saline. The advantage to using the silicone gel type of implant is that they feel more natural to the patient. Another bonus is that the gel silicone also provides for a fuller looking breast once the procedure is done.

Saline implants can give the patient those same basic effects, with a few added advantages that apply directly to the procedure itself. With saline implants, the plastic surgeon can make a smaller incision to insert the implant. Other benefits include additional options for the placement of the incision and the method of incision itself. Saline implants are sized small enough so that they can be placed under the breast muscle so your breasts ride higher and more prominent.

How to Choose the Best Size

Most women may want the biggest size possible but that is not always the best choice to make. You want to improve the overall look of your body but you should not take on a size that will cause problems in other areas. Breasts which are too large for your frame can cause unnecessary strain on your neck, shoulder and back muscles, leading to chronic pain later on. The only way to fix that is to reduce the breasts, defeating the purpose of getting the augmentation in the first place.

To help you decide what size breast implants are right for you, ask the plastic surgeon for a set of sizers to wear, so that you can test out the various sizes for yourself, before the operation. The sizers will give you a chance to try out the various cup sizes that you might be thinking of, without committing to that size prior to surgery; somewhat like a test drive. After you’ve actually tried it out, you then choose the size that is right for you.

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